Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Update: Part 3

So as I was telling you in my previous post Sunday I went to the mall with my mom.We started first at my ultimate fav, Forever 21. I was super stoked that they got rid of all the damn stripe merch on the bottom floor and replaced it with tribal/floral prints. My mother was being a great wingman and picking up some cute things for me. I went into the fitting room with twelve things and ended up getting five of the items. It would have been seven, but I vetoed a dress and a romper. I'm hesitant about rompers these days. I've been wearing them for the past two and half years. I think a lot of retail stores have given me romper overload. We need a break. It's not permanent.

So this is what I got:
floral, tribal,crochet, oh my!

Next stop was H&M:
Wraps, button up, more crochet. The most expensive thing? $17.95.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses (can't see them well *sadface) Straw hat $6.95! Oh and I forgot the light blue cross I got from Forever 21.
Last stop on the mall tour was Nordstroms:
Marc and Marisa AAF

To all my friends: Yes, this is another MJ bag. I'm sorry, Marc and I love each other and we will stop at nothing to be together. I love this bag. I haven't gotten a new Marc bag in so long. In the near future I will do a post on all my MJ bags. *Promise.

Oh, and here are some purchases I got online:
Tanks from Forever $9.90 each. Wide leg pants $15.90. Joycle Leslie cami.

Tail Hem skirt from *Lulu's. Saw it on Nasty Gal for $38.00. Got it on Lulu's for $27.00 :)

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  1. i see jesus tshirt, fedora and blue dress combo in your future. love that necklace! don't give up on rompers! they're my favorite :)