Thursday, March 31, 2011

NDB Jewelry Designs

I saw this jewelry and knew right away that I needed to blog about it. My Lionesses and Bitches must familiarize themselves with this line because it's going to be big!

The designer of NDB Jewelry Designs is Nichole Ballinghoff. South Jersey native and graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Nichole is taking the jewelry world over one wire wrap at a time. Back in 2009, Nichole decided to take up a hobby and started designing jewelry. Her family and friends quickly jumped on the NDB bandwagon and encouraged Nichole to start selling her products. Fast forward to 2011 and Nichole is a new, upcoming jewelry designer that is being sought out by events such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Project Ladybug. 

Presently, NDB Jewelry Designs is showcasing many different looks on their website. Nichole's jewelry is known for its wire wrapping and weaving techniques. She uses lots of metals, chains, and rhinestones to make each piece unique for each collection. As of right now NDB Jewelry Designs has four collections up. Each collection is so distinct and beautiful in there only NDB way. In Lioness fashion I decided to post a couple of my favorites!

The Tribute $55.00  Gold plated wire wrap bracelet/ring

The Scarlette Chain $65.00  Silver wire wrap bracelet

The Sea Serpent $65.00 Copper wire wrap ring containing antique crystals.

The Rattlesnake $80.00 Silver wire wrapping bracelet containing beads and antique crystals

 Gladiator Bracelet $80.00 Silver wire wrap with rhinestone chains

Be Patriotic Necklace $50.00 Gold/Silver wiring wrap and Navy/Red trim.

African Safari Necklace $55.00 Brass/Gold wiring wrap containing printed beads.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank You Bitches!

So I just checked my stats on here and was totally blown away. I have over 3000 views from people living all over the world! It is a pretty cool feelin' to know someone across the other side of the world is looking at your blog. Thank you to all my faithful followers! I really do love fashion with all my heart and soul. This blog is such a fun outlet for me to show the world that you don't need lots of money to look great! You just need a little creativity and Forever 21. ;) Thanxs again and make sure to pass along my blog to any of your friends!

Weekend Update: Part 3

So as I was telling you in my previous post Sunday I went to the mall with my mom.We started first at my ultimate fav, Forever 21. I was super stoked that they got rid of all the damn stripe merch on the bottom floor and replaced it with tribal/floral prints. My mother was being a great wingman and picking up some cute things for me. I went into the fitting room with twelve things and ended up getting five of the items. It would have been seven, but I vetoed a dress and a romper. I'm hesitant about rompers these days. I've been wearing them for the past two and half years. I think a lot of retail stores have given me romper overload. We need a break. It's not permanent.

So this is what I got:
floral, tribal,crochet, oh my!

Next stop was H&M:
Wraps, button up, more crochet. The most expensive thing? $17.95.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses (can't see them well *sadface) Straw hat $6.95! Oh and I forgot the light blue cross I got from Forever 21.
Last stop on the mall tour was Nordstroms:
Marc and Marisa AAF

To all my friends: Yes, this is another MJ bag. I'm sorry, Marc and I love each other and we will stop at nothing to be together. I love this bag. I haven't gotten a new Marc bag in so long. In the near future I will do a post on all my MJ bags. *Promise.

Oh, and here are some purchases I got online:
Tanks from Forever $9.90 each. Wide leg pants $15.90. Joycle Leslie cami.

Tail Hem skirt from *Lulu's. Saw it on Nasty Gal for $38.00. Got it on Lulu's for $27.00 :)

My Cousin Vinny

The roomie

Monday night my roommate and I went to an event called We Heart Japan. The event was a lot of fun and all the proceeds went to the relief fund in Japan. In all honesty, my roommate and I basically drank for Japan. Hey, it's philanthropic. Anyway...I decided to "curl" my hair. Back when I was a teenage I had super curly hair. Ringlets. For some reason at the age of 21 my hair started to lose its curl. Now it's just kinda wavy. Monday night I decided to curl it and I ended up looking like Marisa Tomei from "My Cousin Vinny". I kinda dug it. My outfit was a last minute choice. I love red. I need to get more red in my wardrobe.

Rundown of the Outfit

Jacket: Tribal print wrap from Forever 21 $22.90
Dress:  Cotton high neck dress from Forever 21 $12.90 (has an exposured zipper in the back)
Tights:  Joycle Leslie $7.00
Belt:    Vintage $2.00 (My favorite belt of all time!)

Mona Lisa Vito: oh yea, you blend.

*Little fact: Everyone thinks I was named after Marisa Tomei. I wasn't. I was named after Marisa Berenson who was a model and actress in the 70s. Her mom was legendary fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. My mom knows how to pick a name :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Velvet

Jacci Stallone is the author of and has just recently launched her vintage e store. She is Philly based and her thifting skills are off the chain. I know a lot of my friends love vintage stuff, but they don't have the patience to rummage through racks of clothes. Here's where Jacci comes into play. Her e store is fully stocked with all a-mazing vintage finds. Here are some of my favorites:

Check out her e store at: 

Weekend Update: Part 2

My weekend was so nice. It was relaxing, low key, and most importantly spent with my mama. We started on Saturday at Ikea. I'm in the market for a new bed and I wanted to view their selection. After looking at the beds we decided to venture down the stairs to the frames/prints section. I got two black shadow boxes and two packets of faux purple daisies. My mom bought candles because the woman is obsessed. Before going home I stopped at Joyce Leslie and she stopped at her fav Old Navy. I love Joyce Leslie for simple items like leggings, tights, camis, etc. I have on occasion found super cute wraps and dresses in there also. On Saturday's agenda I needed to purchase a black cami. Ladies if you need colored camis and don't want to spend an arm and leg: Go to JOYCE LESLIE! They always run deals on their camis, leggings, and tights. 2 for $16, 2 for $14. Highway robbery. Just before I left JC to meet my mom in Old Navy, I stumbled upon this cute flower head wrap that I have on in the pictures above. Urban Outfitters was selling a similar head wrap for $18.00. Joycle Leslie was selling theirs for $4.00. Uh, highway robbery. After that awesome find I had to go capture Michele. She was happy with her finds too. She got the two C's she adores the most. Candles and Clearance!

Sunday was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. I was well rested and momma had an itchin' to go to the Cherry Hill Mall. I decided to wear my new head wrap because I was so damn excited for it! Here's a rundown of my outfit. Oh, you thought I was going to reveal what I got at Forever, H&M, and Nordstrom's. Guess you will have to wait! 

Rundown of the Outfit

T-Shirt: Black, long sleeve cotton T from Target $10.00

Leggings: Joyle Leslie $7.99

Vest: Plaid Vintage Express (from the 90's) stolen from my sister

Boots: Steve Madden Camel Cowboy Boots

Necklace: Forever 21 from 2005. The girl in nords asked if it was vintage. 

Rings: Indian Head and Leaves from Forever 21 $3.80

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Lil Bee

Ah, so busy today! I promise I will have lots more about my weekend tomorrow. And a new outfit post about tonight's event. Stay tune my Lionesses!

Dinner Date with the Mrs.'s

Well like promised this weekend was filled with shopping. I didn't get to the two new boutiques up Passyunk Ave. It's cool though I rather save them for a nice day so I can walk up and down the Avenue. I did get some great buys at some of my other favorites.

Saturday night was a rare occurrence. I had nothing to do! It was nice, but kinda weird to be in bed by midnight on Saturday! My Facebook wife and BFF Annie decide to do a quiet dinner together. It is also a rare occurrence that we  had the night to ourselves. LOL I sound like we are really married. I decide to wear something  dressy causal and flowy. Dressy causal because it was a Saturday night and flowy because duh, I was gonna eat my face off.

Rundown of the Outfit

Wrap: Black Cotton Wrap from Forever 21 $17.90

Bra Top: Pink Leopard Tank from Forever 21 $3.80

Tank: Tail Hem Tunic from Forever 21 $9.90

Leggings: Burnt Out Black Leggings from Forever 21 $12.90

Bag: Fringe Black bag from H&M

Boots: Camel Cowboy Boots from Steve Madden

Jewelry: All from Forever 21 ranging in price from $3.80-$7.80

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend is the first weekend in a loooong time that I have no official plans. Though I do plan on doing some shopping :) My friend just informed me that two new boutiques opened up down Passyunk Ave. I gotta check them out since I'm South Philly native. I also haven't went vintage shopping in a minute. I'm gotta try and go to some of my faves. Lastly, I have some exchanges (!) to do at Forever 21.
Stay tune to see what trouble I can get into!!!!!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

So April will be here some time next week. It is supposedly our rainiest month out of the year. Every girl should have a pair of rain boots. If you live on the east coast (as I do) then you should invest in a pair. I got a pair for Christmas this year and I wore them in the snow. They are a MUST HAVE to wear in the wet weather. Here are some of my Lioness picks for my bitches:

Hunter Boots are all the rage with rich bitches. You can get a pair at Zappos for $125.00. They have lots of colors.

The Tsunami Rain Boots by Steve Madden. Get it at Dillard's cheaper! $47.99. Three different colors.

My Rain boots! Target "Zetta" Boot. $24.99 You will not be disappointed! They come in one color, but Target has plenty of different styles.
Walmart. Super cute. Super cheap. It got a good review on the website. The boots are $12.00!

Another Walmart rain boot. $8.00 and they got great reviews. They come in three different colors.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dime Piece 101

Jamie Chung at the Sucker Punch premiere last night in Hollywood. The dress is by Giambattista Valli.


Lioness Lesson 2

So there is this trend circulating around the fashion world that I'm a little unsure about. The trend I'm talking about is the high waisted skirt with the midriff top. I feel like on the right body type (like a model) it looks great! But for us regular girls with curves it's kind of a hard trend to pull off.

Lioness Lesson 2: Do's and Dont's of the Bare Midriff

Do you look like any of these girls? Is your stomach flat and toned? If so, go right ahead and wear your midriff out. Please don't dare wear this trend if you enjoy cheesecake, cheesesteaks, or cheese in general. Back when I was 18 years old my body was tight. I could definitely pull off what Leighton or Jessica has on, but not anymore! I'm totally fine with it. I rather eat cheese. Back to the trend....I think it's cute, young, and fresh. Always a good way to show off your rockin bod.

 I love Beyonce's look. If I had to do this trend I would do it like Beyonce. Lovin the Boho/rocker mix. 


Leona Lewis. What the F is going on here?! This is wrong. All wrong. It seems like Leona has been hangin around South Philly. This trend is everywhere in my neighbor. Girls (of all sizes) are wearing tight, high waisted pencil skirts and bra tops. The worst part about this whole look is that Leona designed these pieces herself. It's from her new clothing line. Stop this madness! It's not cute. It looks like you forgot to put on your top. 
Leona, word of advice: Stick to singing and leave designing to the professionals!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet My Friends- Part 1

Saturday night was my oldest friend's birthday. I have known Jillian since we were three years old. We meet in preschool and have been friends ever since. As for the others some are from grade school, high school, and college. We seem to all meet up and form this super girl group. I was inspired by their outfits on Saturday. They all have different taste, but they all know how to shop. And shop on a budget. I guess they've learned from the best ;) So without farther ado I give you the "Rundown of the Outfit" courtesy of my fab girlfriends:

Christina L.
teacher, phillies fan, kardashian lover, night owl, bad girl 4 life

Christina wins the night. I *loved* her look!

Dress: H&M $24.99
Tights: Target Merona $8.00
Boots: Unknown but probably from Aldo or Barefeet
Necklace: Forever 21 $7.80

Kristen Z.
ct tech, beyonce impersonator, cat lover, married lady, best brows

Wrap: H&M $24.99
Dress: Leopard Tunic H&M $12.99
Tights: Target Merona $8.00
Boots: Spring "Longhofer" Boot $31.49

Sabrina M.
physical therapist, pasta lover, twin, smiley, professional prank caller

Blouse: Forever 21 from the Love 21 collection $27.90

Jillian M. (Bday girl)
wallstreet associate, mini golf fanatic, twin, hyper active, leg kicker extraordinaire

Dress: Bebe 
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Rest In Peace

Today Hollywood lost one of its most legendary screen sirens to ever grace the silver screen. Elizabeth Taylor died this morning from congestive heart failure. 

Liz will be best remembered by her two Academy Award wins, eight marriages, her work with AIDS, and her two beautiful violet eyes.

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
2.27.32 - 3.23.11

Sleep well fellow Pisces.