Friday, March 25, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

So April will be here some time next week. It is supposedly our rainiest month out of the year. Every girl should have a pair of rain boots. If you live on the east coast (as I do) then you should invest in a pair. I got a pair for Christmas this year and I wore them in the snow. They are a MUST HAVE to wear in the wet weather. Here are some of my Lioness picks for my bitches:

Hunter Boots are all the rage with rich bitches. You can get a pair at Zappos for $125.00. They have lots of colors.

The Tsunami Rain Boots by Steve Madden. Get it at Dillard's cheaper! $47.99. Three different colors.

My Rain boots! Target "Zetta" Boot. $24.99 You will not be disappointed! They come in one color, but Target has plenty of different styles.
Walmart. Super cute. Super cheap. It got a good review on the website. The boots are $12.00!

Another Walmart rain boot. $8.00 and they got great reviews. They come in three different colors.

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  1. have you seen the bcbg studded rain boots? they're ridiculous. as in ridiculously awesome. the had them on a gilt a few times this season.
    only on ebay now:*S%3F&GUID=058cc8b31140a0b58706b806ffef348e&itemid=350414577458&ff4=263602_309572