Friday, March 11, 2011

Party in the Front. Formal in the Back.


One of the biggest trends you will see this Spring is the Tail Hem or as I like to call it "The Mullet Dress". I am really diggin this combo of slutty in the front and elegance in the back.  As a former princess nothing gives me so much joy as to having train when I walk down the street. I love it! I think it is the perfect alternative to the maxi dress.

Above I posted three different styles for the Tail Hem look: 

Number 1 is from Pixie Market. I know in previous post I said they were expensive (which they are), but this dress pleasantly surprised me! It is called the Rust Ruffle Dress and it will cost ya $79.00. Not bad Pixie. Definitely very Bohemian and so very perfect for those summer months.

Number 2 is an alternative to an alternative. The Mullet Skirt! I love, love, love this skirt. It's from my Nasty Gal and (deep breath) it's only $38.00 bucks! I want it. I need it. I gots to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 3 is for all those summer weddings you have to attend. Wanna be different? Don't wanna wear black. Well, duh! Buy this perfect little dress instead. The draping will hide any unforgiving places on your body and you will get to show off your tan legs. This dress will set you back a little. It's from Topshop and it tops off at $300 bucks. 

The last look is of me. Please pardon my sleepy look. This was taken at 7:30 in the morning. The tunic I'm wearing is from Forever 21 two year ago. Vintage? Maybe not, but it does have a tail hem! It is one of the best tunic/dresses I have ever bought. I have worn it all different ways and it still looks brand new. What can I say. I'm ahead of the curve. #Winning.

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