Thursday, March 31, 2011

NDB Jewelry Designs

I saw this jewelry and knew right away that I needed to blog about it. My Lionesses and Bitches must familiarize themselves with this line because it's going to be big!

The designer of NDB Jewelry Designs is Nichole Ballinghoff. South Jersey native and graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Nichole is taking the jewelry world over one wire wrap at a time. Back in 2009, Nichole decided to take up a hobby and started designing jewelry. Her family and friends quickly jumped on the NDB bandwagon and encouraged Nichole to start selling her products. Fast forward to 2011 and Nichole is a new, upcoming jewelry designer that is being sought out by events such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Project Ladybug. 

Presently, NDB Jewelry Designs is showcasing many different looks on their website. Nichole's jewelry is known for its wire wrapping and weaving techniques. She uses lots of metals, chains, and rhinestones to make each piece unique for each collection. As of right now NDB Jewelry Designs has four collections up. Each collection is so distinct and beautiful in there only NDB way. In Lioness fashion I decided to post a couple of my favorites!

The Tribute $55.00  Gold plated wire wrap bracelet/ring

The Scarlette Chain $65.00  Silver wire wrap bracelet

The Sea Serpent $65.00 Copper wire wrap ring containing antique crystals.

The Rattlesnake $80.00 Silver wire wrapping bracelet containing beads and antique crystals

 Gladiator Bracelet $80.00 Silver wire wrap with rhinestone chains

Be Patriotic Necklace $50.00 Gold/Silver wiring wrap and Navy/Red trim.

African Safari Necklace $55.00 Brass/Gold wiring wrap containing printed beads.

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