Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Inspiration

Shauna Miller is truly an inspiration to me and every girl that is on a budget. I found her fantastic blog when I was checking my AOL mail. Yes, I still have an AOL account. What! Say Somethin'! Anyway, the whole premise of her blog is to show that you can still be fashionable with Walmart clothing. She states in her "About Me" section that of course she prefers Neiman Marcus over Walmart, but she has to be realistic. This post is for all you girls out there that think you can't shop at Walmart. Yes, you can! I have bought several cute, stylish items from Walmart. My best friend, Annie bought the nicest pair of  black skinny pants from there. It is not impossible to shop at Walmart!
Trust me and trust Shauna!

Here are a couple items I have bought from Walmart this past year:
Rings $5.00 each

Norma Kamali Jersey Dress $15.00

Here is Shauna's blog:

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  1. I loveeeee Walmart...I am in there all the time...I always find good pieces out there-from clothes to accessories, shoot even shoes lol...I have a couple of pieces from Norma Kamali and I always get alot of my legging and basic t-shirts by faded glory...its all abt the look for less lol