Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lioness Lesson 2

So there is this trend circulating around the fashion world that I'm a little unsure about. The trend I'm talking about is the high waisted skirt with the midriff top. I feel like on the right body type (like a model) it looks great! But for us regular girls with curves it's kind of a hard trend to pull off.

Lioness Lesson 2: Do's and Dont's of the Bare Midriff

Do you look like any of these girls? Is your stomach flat and toned? If so, go right ahead and wear your midriff out. Please don't dare wear this trend if you enjoy cheesecake, cheesesteaks, or cheese in general. Back when I was 18 years old my body was tight. I could definitely pull off what Leighton or Jessica has on, but not anymore! I'm totally fine with it. I rather eat cheese. Back to the trend....I think it's cute, young, and fresh. Always a good way to show off your rockin bod.

 I love Beyonce's look. If I had to do this trend I would do it like Beyonce. Lovin the Boho/rocker mix. 


Leona Lewis. What the F is going on here?! This is wrong. All wrong. It seems like Leona has been hangin around South Philly. This trend is everywhere in my neighbor. Girls (of all sizes) are wearing tight, high waisted pencil skirts and bra tops. The worst part about this whole look is that Leona designed these pieces herself. It's from her new clothing line. Stop this madness! It's not cute. It looks like you forgot to put on your top. 
Leona, word of advice: Stick to singing and leave designing to the professionals!


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