Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Platform Vs. Flatform

There isn't much of a difference when it comes to these two. It all about what your feet enjoy the most. I personally love platforms. I think they are thousand times better for my feet compared to any shoe. I'm a Pisces. I have bad feet. The number one compliant: feeling like you are on a pair of stilts. The solution is to walk around your house or apartment in your platforms. Practice makes perfect people!  Flatforms may have to grow on me. They kind of remind me of a suburban mom. Of course they are easier to walk in and comfortable, but they just seem so not stylish. They remind me of a particular shoe from Steve Madden called the Slinky. It was his first shoe he ever made. It's flatform and up until this season that thing sat on our stock shelf. I bet it's getting some play now!

Here are some Platforms and Flatforms. You decide which you like better, Lionesses:
( Enjoy the last picture!*)

My Mom's Platforms from the 70's. Swoon. :)

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  1. flatforms look like geisha shoes. I couldve used those orange ones for my costume last year