Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Last Days of Summer

This outfit happened a couple weeks ago. Please pardon the appearance of my room. I was packing for Toronto and my move. This is how I go to work on good days. Normally, you can wear jeans, leggings, even yoga pants to my company if you so desire. I like to dress up for work. My outfit is fairly simple. My dress is Forever 21 $15.90, my necklace is H&M from 2004, and my shoes are Jeffrey Campbell. I got a ton of compliments this day on my look. Sometimes it just pays to go simple. Leave all the jazz at home for once.

The Male Trend

I was asked a few nights ago what are some trends for men this fall. To be honest I did not have an answer. Sadly, I don't pay much attention to guy trends. I guess it's because I'm a female and I don't have a boyfriend to dress. Don't get me wrong, if I ever do get one of these things called a boyfriend I want it to dress nice and have some sense of style. So I did some research and found some hot trends this season at a reasonable prices. Enjoy my lions:

Whole outfit from H&M.

Zara's 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt $25.90. Must have an amazing collarbone and some facial hair.

Karmaloop Vans $45.00 Henely Hood. Non pecks need not apply.

Denims in the boots. Yes, please. Jeans $45.00 H&M

Whole outfit H&M. Beanie hats a must!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That Shit Cray

The Missoni line for Target. Sold out in minutes? Crashed the Target website? Damn, we are in a recession. Target said to check stores soon for trickling merchandise. Um, okay. And please, don't be stupid and buy this stuff on ebay for hundreds of dollars. It defeats the purpose!

Summer Romps

I know I'm late with these posts, but better late then never! Here are two of my favorite rompers. The tribal print one is so damn comfy. The black one I'm pretty sure is pajamas, but I don't care! The pink wrap I wore with the black romper is going to be HUGE this season. I was pulled out of my office by one of the top buyers at my company to show the other buyers what she wanted to see in the stores. She said that it was all over Paris when she wen last year. Needless to say this made me feel A-MAZING. Peep my outfits. Sorry this isn't a "Outfit Rundown". I'm so ridiculously busy and I leave for a trip tomorrow. Packing is giving me a headache!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dress Me

So my two best friends are having a birthday bash in AC on Labor Day Weekend and I need to look good. I really want to look smoking hot!!!!! So I picked a few dresses, but I can't decide which one to buy!!!!! I need your help, Lionesses!!!! If you know me, you know I don't do tight. I do make exceptions though with some dresses :)
Which one should I buy?

Tribal Bible

I bought this dress in June. I worn it once on the fourth of July weekend. For me lot of times I wear something once then it sits in my closet til I give it to my sister. I decided to wear this little tribal number to work. It is short so I decide to pair it with some bike shorts. It is the perfect summer dress.The colors just pop with the right tan :) I decided to throw on my DIY denim vest and some jewels and there you have it: My work attire. I know all you suits are jealous!!!!

Rundown of the Outfit

Distress Denim Vest Charlotte Russe unknown

Tribal Dress Forever 21 $24.90

Bike Shorts Forever 21 $3.80

Teal Cross Necklace Forever 21 $7.90

Beaded Bracelets H&M $2.00

Black Ninji Sandals Steve Madden $25.00

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey There Delilah....

What's it like in New York City......okay I'm done.Done with the song but not these shoes! Senso "Delilah" is my current crush. I am for sure lusting over these shoes! They come in all types of styles: leopard, pink leopard, black leather, grey nubuck, and of course my favorite Aztec! Not super pricey, but definitely will cost ya a couple vodka and tonics. Enjoy my current crush! You can look but don't you dare touch!

Solestuck $289.95

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Last month my mother, sister, and I went to see the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met. It was amazing! It was well worth the hour and half wait to get inside. I went on a weekday too! It was very organized and the Met staff was friendly and accommodating. Some of the highlights for me were the dress made of real flowers, the Gaga gold suit from the "Bad Romance" video, and all damn head pieces! The detail on every piece was just perfection. Alexander had such an eye for odd, non fashionable items. He could make moose antlers sexy and eye-catching. The exhibit was a tad bittersweet because of the recent death of McQueen and knowing that the fashion world will never be graced with another collection from him. The first thing I saw in the exhibit that has and will stick in my head forever is not a piece of clothing. It is a quote. I think it describes him and his designs perfectly. It is also a beautiful, sick way of looking at life.

"I am a romantic schizophrenic". -Alexander McQueen 

Here is a video on the exhibit. I was not allow to take pictures inside the exhibit so I thought this would give you great visual. Enjoy!

Necklace, Tank, and Skirt from Forever 21. Bag from H&M and Sandals by Steve Madden!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Calling All Brides! I Got Two Words For You............

Unveiled Philadelphia.

Starting in September Unveiled Philadelphia will be open for business. Owned and operated by Ms. Frannie Erace, Unveiled Philadelphia will feature some of the most beautiful couture gowns and accessories in all the land. Frannie has been in the wedding biz for 32 years. If you are from South Philly then you are familiar with her amazing work with weddings. It is only right that her next step into the wedding world would be with couture wedding gowns. Unveiled Philadelphia salon will be located in the Washington Square section of Philly. It will be by appointment only. The reason for the appointment you ask? Well, Ms. Frannie wants you to experience two hours of bridal couture uninterrupted. Ah, every girls dream! So brides-to-be, fiances-to-be, and desperate women, please make sure to check out or "like" Unveiled Philadelphia on Facebook! 

Just Peacocking

I really like this necklace. I bought it last year in Forever. I sadly have only worn it twice. It's a hard necklace to wear. I mean it is a damn peacock bib for crying out loud and any outfit you put with it has got to be plain and simple. So last Tuesday I decided all black and my peacock bib. Everyone loved the necklace at work. A few people even asked if I made it myself. I wish!

I'm holding the snaps where more straps go! They can actual go up to my knee. I'm soooo Russell Crowe!

Rundown of the Outfit

Large Rimmed Sunglasses Carrera $130.00

Black Sport Bra Forever 21 $3.80

Sheer Black Tank H&M $5.95

Leggings Joyce Leslie $7.00

Peacock Necklace Forever 21 $9.90

Gladiator Sandals Steve Madden $25.00

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When A Swed and I-Tal Get Together

What happens when a Swedish retail chain and an sexy Italian designer come together? Pure Bliss, duh. The House of Versace will be designing a collection for H&M. We all know Versace is known for their sexy, seductive dresses. Um, hello! J.Lo's green Grammy dress? Versace. So there is no surprise that all the dresses for H&M's collection will consist of micro minis, fitted materials, and loud prints. Would you ask anything less from Ms. Dontella. I don't think so. The collection will hit stores in November.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lioness Lesson #5 Follow Your Dreams!

So I have been waiting to announce this for about a month, but after much thought and sleepless nights (just kidding) I have decided to leave my current job at the University of Pennsylvania. I have had the best two years at Penn and I am so grateful for all the amazing friendships I have made. I have realized in the past two years that I need to be in fashion. I took the job at Penn because ....well, I was jaded with the fashion industry and I just wanted a steady, non stressful job. I got that at Penn. Now, after two years I'm aching to get back into the fashion industry. I have taken a new job with a corporate fashion company and I am extremely excited to move forward in my career! I have come to terms that fashion is who I am. Fashion is why I wake up in the morning. It's my life. I guess you can say that this blog gave me the push to go pursue my dreams. Everyone has been so nice, excited, and just plain inspiring to me with my blog. People that I didn't even expect to read my blog do (all you manly men) and it makes me so happy from the inside out! So please continue to support me and my little blog and I promise to keep you fresh and stylish for years to come.

With all my heart,

Your Head Lioness, Marisa xoxo

Shoe Porn: Got My Vans On But They Look Like Hermes?

Shoe Porn doesn't have to be all about women shoes. These sexy little nuggets are all man. Silk Hermes Vans. It's the best of both worlds with these two designers. Both are staying true to their unique styles  and well, if I saw a guy walking down the street in one of these styles I would swoon. And of course, get that sexy tingle down below. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Know What It Is: Pink and Orange......

 Pink and Orange are dominating the summer trend colors

It is only matter of time before my girlfriends start asking: 

"How do I wear them together?" 

"Do they really match?" 

"What kind of shoes do I wear with Pink and Orange?"

Fear not my lionesses I decided to give you a little example on how to execute the look and on a budget. I mentioned to one of my besties that I absolutely loved the show the "Look For Less". I do the "Look for Less" game  in my head every time I go shopping. I believe I'm an expert at this game. So here's a picture of Stephanie Pratt from the Hills at the Annual Summer Soiree of Simon G. Jewelry. She is executing the perfectly. Now, I don't know exactly what designer she is wearing, but most definitely it is not Target or Forever. Here's a way to make the best of the pink and orange look without going bankrupted!

Unisex Fine Jersey Tank- American Apparel $17.00

Bodycon Skirt w/ Piping detail- Forever 21 $22.80

Alfiena Strappy Sandal- Urban OG $24.90

Varon Golden Brown Patchwork bag- Etsy $15.00

In the words of my dear friend, Elena: "See how easy that was?!"