Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Last Days of Summer

This outfit happened a couple weeks ago. Please pardon the appearance of my room. I was packing for Toronto and my move. This is how I go to work on good days. Normally, you can wear jeans, leggings, even yoga pants to my company if you so desire. I like to dress up for work. My outfit is fairly simple. My dress is Forever 21 $15.90, my necklace is H&M from 2004, and my shoes are Jeffrey Campbell. I got a ton of compliments this day on my look. Sometimes it just pays to go simple. Leave all the jazz at home for once.

The Male Trend

I was asked a few nights ago what are some trends for men this fall. To be honest I did not have an answer. Sadly, I don't pay much attention to guy trends. I guess it's because I'm a female and I don't have a boyfriend to dress. Don't get me wrong, if I ever do get one of these things called a boyfriend I want it to dress nice and have some sense of style. So I did some research and found some hot trends this season at a reasonable prices. Enjoy my lions:

Whole outfit from H&M.

Zara's 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt $25.90. Must have an amazing collarbone and some facial hair.

Karmaloop Vans $45.00 Henely Hood. Non pecks need not apply.

Denims in the boots. Yes, please. Jeans $45.00 H&M

Whole outfit H&M. Beanie hats a must!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That Shit Cray

The Missoni line for Target. Sold out in minutes? Crashed the Target website? Damn, we are in a recession. Target said to check stores soon for trickling merchandise. Um, okay. And please, don't be stupid and buy this stuff on ebay for hundreds of dollars. It defeats the purpose!

Summer Romps

I know I'm late with these posts, but better late then never! Here are two of my favorite rompers. The tribal print one is so damn comfy. The black one I'm pretty sure is pajamas, but I don't care! The pink wrap I wore with the black romper is going to be HUGE this season. I was pulled out of my office by one of the top buyers at my company to show the other buyers what she wanted to see in the stores. She said that it was all over Paris when she wen last year. Needless to say this made me feel A-MAZING. Peep my outfits. Sorry this isn't a "Outfit Rundown". I'm so ridiculously busy and I leave for a trip tomorrow. Packing is giving me a headache!