Friday, March 4, 2011

The Legendary Root Band.

I know it's The Legendary Roots Crew. If you watch Jimmy Fallon Late Night you will get my title. If not, watch the "Real Housewives of Late Night" on Jimmy's page. You will get it then.

Anywho, I just bought my ticket today for the Roots Picnic happening June 4th at Festival Pier. Very excited. Some awesome people will be there this year. I wanted to post my outfit from last year because well, I loved it. It was super hot that day and I should have worn my hair up. (This year will be different because I have a shorter do!) The concert was great! Wu Tang, John Legend, The Roots, Vampire Weekend or as my South Philly friend called them "Vampire People". So much fun. Can't wait for this year!!!!!

Rundown of the Outfit

Shirt: Forever21 $19.80 Graphic T

Necklace: Forver21 $7.80 The coolest stone!

Skirt: H&M jersey mini $5.90

Bag: H&M Black fringed bag. $7.00 (bought it in Grey too)

Shoes: Steve Madden tan gladiator sandals. Madden Discount!

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  1. NOT the South Philly friend in the picture. She loves Vampire weekend.

    Shout out to me. I made the blog.