Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Cousin Vinny

The roomie

Monday night my roommate and I went to an event called We Heart Japan. The event was a lot of fun and all the proceeds went to the relief fund in Japan. In all honesty, my roommate and I basically drank for Japan. Hey, it's philanthropic. Anyway...I decided to "curl" my hair. Back when I was a teenage I had super curly hair. Ringlets. For some reason at the age of 21 my hair started to lose its curl. Now it's just kinda wavy. Monday night I decided to curl it and I ended up looking like Marisa Tomei from "My Cousin Vinny". I kinda dug it. My outfit was a last minute choice. I love red. I need to get more red in my wardrobe.

Rundown of the Outfit

Jacket: Tribal print wrap from Forever 21 $22.90
Dress:  Cotton high neck dress from Forever 21 $12.90 (has an exposured zipper in the back)
Tights:  Joycle Leslie $7.00
Belt:    Vintage $2.00 (My favorite belt of all time!)

Mona Lisa Vito: oh yea, you blend.

*Little fact: Everyone thinks I was named after Marisa Tomei. I wasn't. I was named after Marisa Berenson who was a model and actress in the 70s. Her mom was legendary fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. My mom knows how to pick a name :)

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