Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Her Name Was LuLu

A couple months ago I stumbled upon this great website while I was on Perez Hilton. I love it! The merchandise is priced fairly well and they are always updating their stock. LuLu's is definitely perfect for that girl on a budget who loves fashion. Ha, I am that girl! I don't know about you, but for me Nasty Gal and Pixie Market are way too expensive. I love their stuff and I would love to be able to afford it, but I find great joy in finding places like LuLu's. So stop saving all your money for that over priced t shirt on Nasty Gal and buy a shit load of merch from LuLu's. Here's some things that I will be adding to my wardrobe for Spring from LuLu's:

SOLD OUT. Waiting patiently.

SOLD OUT. Waiting patiently.

(BTW: The most expensive thing on this page is $51.00! Can't beat these prices!!!)
Check out this website immediately:

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