Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celebrating the Birth of Me!

I'm sorry I have been a bad little blogger. My birthday was this past Saturday! I posted all the goodies everyone got me. I'm a sucker for flowers and chocolate....and I got lots of them! My sister and brother thought it would be funny to get me "Follow That Bird" and "Fern Gully". I have never seen Fern Gully! I guess it's not too late to see this animated classic!? Follow That Bird was one of my favorite movies as a child. I loved Big Bird. I still do.

I got myself a couple of presents too. I bought my "Jesus Save. I $pend" shirt from Karamloop. The company that makes it is called Unif. Super hipster company. This style shirt wasn't my initial first pick. I ordered a grey one from Nasty Gal, but they lived up to their name and cancelled my order. A couple days later I found the white style I purchased on Karmaloop on sale :) My next bday purchase was my camel, leather clutch from American Apparel. Run. Don't walk and get yourself this clutch. It is A-mazing and only a whopping $45.00! I can't even deal. It's one of the best purchases I have ever made! My last purchase was...*drum roll* my hair! Yes, I finally took the plunge and chopped my hair off! I love it. It's fresh and just the new look I was going for! I feel brand new and ready to take this new year by storm!!!!!

Rundown of the Outfit

Shirt:         Unif from Karmaloop $33.00
Pants:       Black leggings from Joyce Leslie 2/$15 (best leggings)
Boots:       Black suede knee boots from Forever 21 $35.00
Earrings:  Gypsy Queen Long Feather Earrings $44.00
Bag:          Camel Leather Clutch from American Apparel $45.00

Here is the link to Rachel Junek's Pixie Glamour shop on Etsy: 
Her stuff is great! She uses beautiful colored feathers and her earrings are super sturdy. Make sure to check out her stuff!

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