Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cause that Rock on ya Finger is like a Tumor

Minerals and Stones are a huge trend for jewelry this Spring. I particularly love the Titanium Aura Quartz pictured above. It's so damn pretty! I love how the light catches on this stone. I know a lot of people think that it looks like a rock on a hoop, but  in my opinion I think that's what makes it so different. It's raw, uncut, and not your standard mainstream jewelry. 
I need some Titanium Aura Quartz in my life pronto!

The designer of this jewelry is a girl I found on Etsy. Her line is called Nu Bambu Originals and she is based out of New York. She said she is all about making wearable art which I'm down for :) Her stuff ranges from all different minerals, stones, and feathers. The prices are pretty sweet BTW! The highest price item tops off at $40.00 bucks.

If you want to check out her stuff go to: 


  1. urban has some of these too just a little smaller:
    i need to check them out in person because i'm in LOVE with them! i'll check out the etsy boutique.

  2. I feel in love with these rings. I might need one.