Friday, April 15, 2011

Workin Girl

 This is the preppy-est you will ever see me. I not a huge fan of the button down shirts, but I really love this stripe one from H&M. I bought it a tad larger than usual so that I could belt it. I did take the belt off when I got home and it still looked cute. The flower headband is always a hit when I wear it. Men, Women, Children, Cats, Dogs, they all love that headband! Everyone in my office commented on how fresh and spring like it looked in my hair. Even an international student who didn't speak English pointed at it and gave the thumbs up! As for the other accessories, the belt is my fav vintage belt and the shoes are Forever 21 loafer/moccasins. I have one quam about them. The left shoe's tassels are always going to the right. I always have to brush them straight. Hey, small price to pay for cute shoes! 
In my Will Smith voice: "Drums please!"

Rundown of the Outfit

White Flower Headband Forever21 $2.50 

White Burnt Out Tank Forever 21 $9.90

Red Stripe Button Down H&M $12.95

Black Silk Silence and Noise Blazer Urban Outfitters $29.99

Leggings Joycle Leslie $7.00

Tan/Brown Stretch Belt Vintage $2.00

Tan Moccasin/Loafers Forever 21 $22.90

Yay or Nay on Preppy Marisa?

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