Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lioness Lesson 4

More Questions....

Kelly asks: I need an affordable beach bag ASAP. Help!

Well, Kelly that is more like a plea than a question. Beach Bags are tricky little fellows. You need something that can withstand sand, sunscreen, and moisture. Not to mention it has to be cute! Living on the East Coast summer is only three months out of the year. Every summer I buy a new beach bag. By the end of the summer each year my beach bag looks like it has been through some type of massacre. My last year's beach bag was my favorite. It was a Lady Gaga tote bag from H&M. It was the best $7.00 I have ever spent. Here are some cheap picks that can withstand the elements.

*Side Note: H&M every summer does cute, trendy totes for $7.00. Five below has beach bags for $5.00!

Forever 21 $13.80
Forever 21 $6.00
Urban Outfitters $29.99

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