Friday, April 8, 2011

Lioness Lesson 3

I got a couple questions from some of the blog followers:
Kristen: What is the proper earring to wear with a long or short necklace?

I go by this rule: short necklace=studs or no earrings. Long necklace=hoops or feathers. Too much earring or too much necklace sometimes makes a person look like they are going to the junior prom or a senior citizen ball. You have to make sure you have the right ratio of earring to necklace and vice versa. I took the liberty of finding some examples to show what I mean.
A longer necklace can be done with a stud or nothing at all.
A longer necklace with different chains and beads always looks good with a feather earring.
Depending on the medallion or pendent on the necklace, chandeliers can be worn.
Necklace that lays on your chest and, or collar bone should not be worn with a matching earring. If you do you will look like my Grandma Jean.
The statement earring should be worn with nothing. A necklace would take away from its beauty.

Thanks Kristen for your question. Stay tune for more......

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