Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Right on Target

Last week I was at Target three times in a 24 hour time span. Why you ask? Well, it had a little to do with spring shopping, and a lot to do with my new bed. I am officially a big girl now. I have a big girl bed! Now, maybe I should explain this farther because I'm sure a lot of you are saying, "Um, you have been a big girl for a while now". I have, but for the longest time I have been sleeping in a twin bed. Or as I like to call it: A Camp Bed or Baby Bed. When I was living in my parents' house my room was itty bitty. There was no room for a full or queen mattress. So I made do with it because: A.) that's all that I could fit and B.) It wasn't like I was going to bring home suitors while me parents slept in the next room. Gross.

So when I got to my first apartment I bought the baby bed with me to start out with. Yeah, it was great because I had this huge room and lots of space, but I knew I needed to get a new bed soon. So with lots of research and money I decided on a Ikea bed and mattress. The bed frame was a steal! I got a gently used Malm Birch Veneer Bed Frame for $80 with slates included. This bed's regular price is $200 without the slates. What a robbery! As for the mattress I went with a Sultan Hansbro Memory Form PillowTop. The best way to describe the bed would be to say if someone  plucked a cloud from the sky and place it in my mattress.

Now, here is where Target comes into play. I wanted a bed set that was comfy and affordable. I wanted to start an adult theme in my room since I was a big girl now. So here what I bought:

Room Essentials Microsuede -Bed in a Bag $80.00 for 8 pieces!!!!!
My Bed! I added the leopard pillow because it's silk and it helps keep my hair shiny and smooth!

Oh and I bought new shades to go with the new look. They definitely keep the light out, but are super hard to install.

Stay tune for more of my great deals at Target!

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