Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turning Japanese, oh yes I’m turning Japanese

Topshop $100

Topshop $100

Topshop $110

Halston Heritage $455.00

Only Hearts $121.00

All I want to do this Spring is wear my kimono to get some sushi. Is that wrong? Like it or not kimonos are a big trend for this upcoming spring. Long, short, plain, lace, floral, you name it and it will be on a kimono. There are couple of great ways to wear a kimono. I'm really feeling the long Halston one above. The long kimono screams elegance and sophication. Pair it with the right chunky accessories and some platform wedges, and you are ready for a high class event. I also like putting a long, flowy kimono with jeans and a t shirt. Instead of putting on a basic wrap why not a kimono. A couple of months ago I went to the Lady Gaga concert and her friend Lady Starlight opened up for her. Yes, I know she is a little kooky and definitely does not live on this planet, but her kimono/casual look really impressed me. I loved that she had on ripped denim shorts, a t shirt, and long floral kimono. What an amazing wild card combo. I dare all my readers to try it at least once! If that just isn't your cup of tea try the short kimonos. They are great for the daytime and nighttime. I really love the two kimonos from Topshop. They are a little pricey, but if you aren't on a budget (like me) then go for it! I will be on the hunt for the perfect vintage kimono. Stay tune :)

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