Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank You Family!

So I decided to give my peeps an inside look into my vintage jewelry collection. The pieces were once owned by my great grandmother, great aunt, and mother. The pieces range from the 1940s to 1980s. I am so lucky to have had this jewelry given to me. I treasure these items more than I treasure my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags! It is such an amazing feeling to be able to put on a piece of jewelry that my great grandmother wore back in the 1940s. I love paying tribute to all the special women in my family with their unique,beautiful jewelry!

The first set of necklaces were once owned by my great grandmother. They date back to the 1940s. All three necklaces lay right below the collar bone and have hook and eye closures. My favorite out of the bunch is the bottom silver necklace. It use to be gold, but with time the color has changed to a silver/gold. I think the color definitely adds to the vintage-ness of the piece.

The second set of necklaces all lay on the collar bone except for the middle one. The white and silver tassel necklace is by far my favorite. The necklace lays right in the mid section on your chest. I absolutely love that it is a vintage piece, but looks so modern. Just comes to show how many trends in the fashion world come back in style after a couple of decades.

The third set of necklaces are a mash up of all different styles. My favorite out of the bunch is the gold linked necklace. Such a Mr. T piece! I remember being a child and wearing it as a belt.What can I say! I have been stylish since the day I was born!

The fourth picture features all of my great grandma's pins and earrings. The bottom rhinestone earrings I wore to a senior prom with a Jennifer Lopez inspired pink dress.  All of my great grandma's earrings are clip on and they do hurt after a while of wearing. My two favorite pins are the airplane and the heart. I love adding them to blazers or clutch bags to jazz up my look.

Fifth picture features my mother's 1980s jewelry. The bangle is silver and sparkly. The earrings are a severe, pointed studs. I love both of them so much! They are such a play on the "Working Girl' era.

Lastly are my rings given to me by my mom. Two of the rings were owned by my mother and the one was owned by my great aunt. The ring (farthest to your left) was given to my mother from my father when she was sixteen. It is costume jewelry and has faded a bit. My mother has been begging me to get it re-dipped, but I love it the way it is. The Swirly ring (middle) was also my mother's, given to her by my father when she was eighteen. It  was her graduation present. My mom gave it to me when I was eighteen on my high school graduation. The best part about the ring is the opal in the center. That stone reflects off of any light beautifully. The last ring ( to your right)  was my great aunt's. Our birthdays are both in February and amethyst is our birthstone. I stalked this ring in my mother's jewelry box until last year she gave it to me as a moving out gift. She said it would be much harder for me to steal it from her if we didn't live in the same house.

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  1. Nice treasures!!!!

    I as well went to prom with a j lo. inspired dress lol...remember the grey chanel dress she worn to the oscars when she was with chris judd, with the sheer top...I luv jenny from the block lol