Friday, June 10, 2011

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough: Part II

So the people closest to me know why I had to take some Valium on Tuesday and we will leave it at that. Anywho, I was with my shopaholic mother on that day. We had a lovely little lunch at Joe's Pizza in Center City. (BTW if you want authentic Italian pizza that's the place to go!) The owners remembered me from my days at the Art Institute which I thought was nice. It was my mother's idea to head over to Deptford Mall to check out the new Forever 21. Just a quick visit she said. Now see my mother is my shopping pusher and my grandparents are my drug pushers. My shopping pusher knows Forever 21 is my biggest weakness. Forever 21 is my heroin. She knows that I get the greatest high in there. Well of course I said yes to going over to Jersey for a quick second.

Two Hours Later: 

Multi Necklace $9.80

Black/Gold Necklace $14.80

Rust Shirt Dress $ 19.80

Logo Madonna Top $ 15.80

Knit Cloud Top $13.80

Cream Woven Top $27.80

Mustard Shirt Dress $22.80

Black Bandage Dress $27.80

Tribal Dress $24.90

Collar Necklace $8.80

Tribal Necklace $5.80

Gold Multi Hoops $3.80

Knuckle Ring $5.80

Triangle Ring $5.80

Studded Sandals $18.80

Woven Belt $7.80
Sport Bras: Lime, Pink, Navy $3.80 each

I was on amazing high. I wasn't even looking at prices even though that doesn't matter in Forever. My mother was getting a kick out of me tweaking out. I was so happy and sweaty and jumping from section to section. I know I was high because I bought that Bandage dress that I would have never even tried on. (I have an issue with tight clothing) I could not stop shopping. My mother had to intervene towards the end because I couldn't hold all the things in my hands. The funniest part was at the cash register. I was getting rung up, but I was still trying things on. It was a great day. I woke up the next day and was so happy with my purchases. I should shop high more often. I wore the Rust colored shirt dress and multi colored necklace on Wednesday. They were such a hit! People told me I looked like a Greek Goddess. Score!

*side note: The Knuckle ring above is on Nasty Gal's website: Uh it is $18.00. Same ring Forever 21 $5.80!

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