Monday, January 24, 2011

Secret Treasure of H&M

I really believe that these earrings are the best kept secret in H&M! I bought my first pair back in 2008 and have been rockin' them ever since. The original collection only featured the black studs and were priced at $1.50. Now the collection features four different styles and they are $3.95. The fourth one is always something fun. This recent pair I bought on Saturday came with a spunky, dotted pair. My best friend likes to call them the "fancy pair"! I can not rave more about these earrings. They are great for the daytime and nighttime. You can always pair them with a long or short necklace, or a great colored scarf. The options are endless.

One side note: People have mentioned  the stud falls off the metal in the back. I have figured out a solution to fix this problem. All you will need is some krazy glue and patience! I have glued a few pairs in the past. They are as good as new after the glue! 

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