Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Leather, Lace, and Lollipops

Got my passport in the mail on Friday!

Beautiful French Connection Necklace $19.99

Cute Forever 21 Dress  $19.90
All in a days work! New Essie nail polish "Going Incognito"
So Saturday night I decided to experiment with my hair and a new place. The hair was a take on Shirley Temple and the place was R2L.  Starting off with the hair. I have always wanted a white girl fro! I think what I love most about the concept of curls are there wildness! I used sponge rollers (which are a blast from the past). I remember my mother setting my hair every holiday or special event just so I could have an updo! AH, what a lady I was!!! They were super easy to apply. I washed my hair in the morning and let it air dry. When it was damp I clipped my hair into sections and started the rolling process. I left them in for about 8 hours. Now some people would have hid in their houses for that time period, but I had errands to run! So I just threw a scarf around my head (going for that "tribal look") and went about my business. The curls were in til this morning. Unfortunately, I get a little crazy after awhile of not brushing my hair, so I had to wash them out :( Bit of advice: Do not try and brush those curls out. I just used a ton of conditioner and most of the knots came out easily. 

Saturday night's outfit was a little naughty and a little nice. The curls and lace made me feel like an innocent girl. The leather and high heels made me feel like 1920's vixen. I was definitely diggin' the combo. The girls and I headed to R2L which is located in Liberty One Place on 37th floor. The place was very swanky (!) and the view was breathtaking! We decided to get a small high top to scope out the men situation. Lots of wine. Lots of laughs! All in all, a great night with great people and of course, a great outfit!

Rundown of the Outfit

Shrug:          Wool shrug from Express (bought it seven years ago!)

Shirt:            Lace, ruffled tunic from Forever 21, $22.90

Belt:             Vintage from 7th & Wolf Street, $2.00

Leggings:     Black rubber leggings from American Apparel, $42.00

Shoes:          Suede platform pumps from UrbanOG.com, $21.90

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