Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year. Old Outfit

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to New Year's Eve. I always seem to wrestle with so many emotions on that particular day. A part of me hates knowing another year has passed by. Another part of me gets crazy excited because I get to dress up! When it comes to dressing on NYE, I never hold back. I love finding the most glitzy attire possible for this special night! In years past I have worn (not all at once) a gold beaded bolero jacket, a wine colored lip, and a black feathered cape. I love looking outrageous on each New Year's Eve.

This year I decided I was not going to purchase anything new. I have a tendency to purchase massive amounts of cocktail attire, but I never wear it! Shopaholic. So I decided to dive into my closet to find an outfit. I bought this Bebe dress a year and half ago for the VMA's. I have a horrible problem with wearing something twice. Shopaholic. I have been getting help with this issue and I have made progress in the past year. :) Though I am not a huge Bebe fan, (some of my former high school classmates would beg to differ. Bebe/Keds) this dress is awesome!!!!! I love the beaded top, the fringe, and the red bodice. I feel like a modern day flapper in it! I topped off my look with a Forever 21 necklace, mohair peep-toe pumps from Steve Madden, and a vintage black clutch. The outfit came out just how I had hoped! The only thing I did purchase was a much needed manicure!~

Bebe Dress. Forever 21 Necklace. Steve Madden Shoes.


  1. lovin the look esp the leopard shoes!!! same here i didnt buy nothing new except for a mani and I needed my brows done

  2. haha i think that is most important than a new outfit!!! :)