Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Met Prom

One of my dreams would be to get to go to the Met Gala. It is the prom for celebrities. Another dream of mine would be to be an E! correspondent on the red carpet. I've got lots to say about last night! This is going to be a long ass post! I will try to keep my comments to a one sentence minimum.

Emma, eh it's OK.

Color looks like a dream on her skin. The makeup is so/so.

Eva's dress color is stunning. Love how she always has a vintage feel.

Not impressed. Why has she been dressing like a desperate housewife?

Reminiscent of Many Moore's Oscar gown. Love it!

All hail Ms. Salma! This color is hard to pull off, but she pulls it off effortlessly.

All grown up. Loving it!

Beautiful. One thing: Too Much Oscar. Not Enough Met Gala!

Queen of Mean in a Mean Dress

Loving this color on her.

Hmmmm I'm not sure about this one.

So Chloe. Does nothing for me.

Yes and Yes!

Such a safe choice. Blah.

Love it minus the shoes.

Um no.

All Hail Diane! Best Dressed.

Mellow Yellow.

Yikes. Why exactly does she get invited?

Cool hair. Boring dress.

Very pretty, Keri!

Pretty Prom Dress :(

Thank you for dressing your age.

Could have done better, baby beyonce.

Now that's a Met Gala Dress!!!!

Eh, I guess when you have a child your fashion sense goes down the toilet.

No comment.

Yes, Rihanna!! Yes!!!!!

Typical Michelle.

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