Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Met Gala: Part 2

Very Hippie Child. I like.

I love those sleeves!!!

ahhhh why MK?

Things that make you go Hmmmmm?

Another pretty girl.

Is this a Luncheon?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extra from the movie Bridesmaid?

Amazing. This girl's face is flawless!

Very Nice.

Left over Easter Basket plastic.

Just Lovely.

On the fence with this one.

Beautiful color. Ugly hair.

Rihanna's second choice.

Demi and Bruce offspring? The shoulder accent takes away from her massive chin.

Just right for her age.

Waaaa boring.

Yes to the dress. Yes to the lip color.

Oh look it's the white swan.

Yes, Ms. Ricci. Work!

Can I purchase this print at Anne Taylor Loft?

This is all types of wrong.

Oh the mother of the bride!

The way black should be done.

Mature Serena.

This looks like poop.

Royal Blue done right!

Snooki and Josh

She is just beautiful. The dress not some much.

A rose is a rose!

Living for this color.

Not impressed.

This is a maybe.



Hair and Necklace are a yes!

The jewelry needs to be better.

Greek Goddess!

Horrid on her tiny frame.

A prince and princess.

ugly dress. smokin hot date!

McQueen Dream.

Nothing less than Fabulous!

uh, no comment.

Loving those green earrings!

I've seen this so many times. Over it.

The new LBD!

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